About Auticare

Auticare is an XR-AI based Assistive Technology learning platform for Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and special education.

Autilite Home Based Therapy

Autilite can be your perfect home partner which is feasible VR based Assistive Technology, which enhances cognitive, motor, social, self care, speech and language, vocational, sensory, daily life skills of the user.

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Safe & Fun

Doctors guided modules ensures a safe and fun environment for special children

Parental Involvement

Home based therapy helps kids to enjoy the learning with support of their parents

Affordable & Immersive

Your special one now can experience an affordable interactive 3D virtual scenarios that trains them in skills essential in daily life

Enhanced Diagnosis & Therapy Productivity

Doctors and therapists can now get faster response feedback and compare progress levels of children's performance in each session

Replayable VR scenarios and level based assessment

Allows the user to master skills and record the performance based progress in each levels

Customizable contents

Provides VR scenarios according to the individual requirements

Introducing XR-AI Based Assistive Technology Learning,Diagnosis & Intervention Platform

VR Interactive Scenarios

more than 35 interactive scenarios for various skill development

Data Capturing Module/System

Capturing attention,
concentration, stress, emotions

AI Based Behaviour Performance data

Each individual can be monitored separately

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- Home based therapy
- Consists of upto 10 customised scenarios
- Portable & Cost Effective


Auticare Standard

- For clinics and hospitals
- Consists of upto 20 VR scenarios
- VR sessions under the supervision of doctors and therapists

Auticare Premium

- For clinics hospitals and research centres
- Consists of upto 30 VR scenarios
- EEG and Eye Tracker included
- VR sessions under the supervision of doctors and therapists

Auticare Blueroom

- For clinics, hospitals and research centres
- Projection based system without goggles
- Multiple kids can interact at the same time